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Welcome to Toucan eMedia - one of the longest standing CD Business Card suppliers in the UKcd business card /dvd business card plus bespoke wallet

Toucan eMedia is one of the longest established CD Business Card suppliers in the UK and guarantee satisfaction whether it's a purchase of blank media or a full project where we work with you from concept to completion. We offer excellent value for money and as much support as you need.

Call us with your requirements today on 01279 871 694 and see why we get the great customer testimonials from SME's, charities, government and multi-nationals.

We look forward to being of service.

Simon Thomas
Toucan eMedia Partner

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Finished CD Business Cards

What sets Toucan eMedia apart from the rest is that we can complete the entire cd business card procedure from concept to production or just provide some of the resources you want for your cd business card project to compliment your own resources.

All the answers are detailed in this website, however if you prefer to chat to someone who will take you through the best options for your CD Business card project, please call 01279 871 694.

  • presentation building in Flash, Director, PowerPoint, HTML etc.
  • Video production
  • Mac and/or pc platform master disc authoring
  • on-body design
  • cd programming
  • bespoke packaging
  • paper/card inserts

Find out more about the process that Toucan eMedia has developed to make your CD or DVD Business Card projects a success and easy for all concerned, no matter what skills and knowledge you have or have not.

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Blank CD Business Card Media

Blank CD Business Card Media

Even if you just want blank cd business card media or dvd business card media so you can make these for yourself, these are available from Toucan. Purchase individual items or starter kits, that contain all you need to get going.

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Video Production for CD & DVD Cards

Not only can we provide video for DVD and CD Business Cards, but with most browsers accessing the web via ADSL connections, it is practical to deliver rich multimedia video to deliver your marketing message with compelling impact.

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Consider how the revolutionary concept of cd business cards could get your business message to your customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional means.

Here are just a few possible uses:Bosch Rexroth 100MB CDROM Business Card
  • Multimedia sales presentations
  • Take new clients to your web site
  • Product information
  • Brochures and catalogues
  • Newsletters and press kits
  • Product demonstrations
  • Store pages of data
  • Your entire catalogue
  • Play music & sound-tracks
  • Sample product give-aways

CD Business Card - MazdaWe supply everything you could need:

Finished cards with on-body design and data.
Blank media and photo-quality ink jet labels.
Design and programming facilities.
Production runs from 50 to 50 Million

We supply cd business cards to all business sectors from large Government departments such as the Welsh Development Agency to one man businesses.

DVD Saddle Card from Toucan eMediaWhy do people buy CD Business cards from Toucan eMedia?
Because we offer

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Standard CD and DVD Replication

Toucan eMedia also offer production of standard CD's - contact us with your requirements

short run DVD - School prospectus
DVD design and production

Conventional CD design, programming and productionConventional CD design, programming and production
Conventional CD design, programming and production

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Toucan eMedia is part of the Toucan Group and benefits from the cutting edge resources available. This enables cross technology solutions such as integrating new media products like these CD Business Cards with on-line solutions such as websites, databases and other interactive variable content. Applications such as CD Business Card invitations linking to an on-line conference registration database become practical marketing solutions.

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